Sunday, March 10, 2013

LEO Smart Application in iTunes for Apple & Google Play for Android

Dear Friends,
We are very pleased to announce that the first ever "Smart back-office" app in the Direct Selling industry has been introduced by LEO. Google has approved LEO for Android Market and Apple has approved LEO for iTunes as their official App Distributor.
LEO Smart app is a free application for all LEO distributors. This is a “Mobile Back Office” that helps you to track your membership status , your rank points and your expected network bonus. You can also check activities on your online account without logging in to your LEO back office. You can also download all important marketing materials directly on your smart devices like LEO LTAB or Apple iPhone etc.

We will be turning on notification system very soon. In the next version you will be able to get instant notifications upon any addition of Bonus Points, Rank Points or Status points in your team.

Specific Features:

- Track your membership status and the requirement to achieve higher status
- Directly integrated with your LEO back-office
- Expected network bonus by the end of the week
- Instant notifications about new BP, RP and SP added in your team (this feature will be available in the next version)
- Download important marketing materials directly to your smart device

It’s simple!! This is how you can download the application:
  1. You can simply login to iTunes (on your iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (on your LEO LTAB, Android Phones/tables).
  2. Type Keyword "LEO Smart" in search box
  3. Install App on your device
  4. You can use your LEO User Name and Password to Login. No separate account is required
  5. Don't forget to rate the App and leave your comments on Application download page.

We hope that you will love this application and it will be useful for your daily business activities.

Best is yet to come!!!

Global IT Director


  1. leo app on android is not working bro....

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  3. Well, now after reading the post i will install the application and give you reviews about it. as i love to do this, and i hope it can be as effective as said in the post..

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  5. very useful applications.thanks for sharing detail about them

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