Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Live to the power of you

I wanted to personally welcome you to the LEO family. We appreciate your decision to join us and are thrilled to have you with us. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce LEO to you.
Who We Are
LEO, Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd, is committed to marketing products to support our customers with their personal and professional development goals and to help our members become successful Entrepreneurs. Our products have an Entrepreneurship focus and anything that will help you unleash your true potential is also part of what we do. Our global head office is based in London UK supporting regional management hubs around the world. Our first regional hub, for South East Asia, Africa and Middle East, is in Dubai.
LEO Mission
Service to mankind by unleashing human potential.
LEO Vision
Through delivering knowledge and means to facilitate entrepreneurship, we inspire people to live their dream.
Through offering products to anyone anywhere, that connect the student to world-class mentors and programmes, we will build a business that knows no boundaries.  
Through the businesses, small and large, created by our members, we will also unleash a tsunami of added-value benevolent entrepreneurship in every business sector, in every country.
We will become one of the most respected organisations in the world.
LEO Core Presuppositions
We hold it to be true that:
1) Our members are the heart of our business
2) There is greatness inside everyone
3) Diversity is empowering
4) True success causes no harm
5) Fast is better than slow
Our Pledge to you
LEO acts with honesty, transparency and integrity in everything it does. Our organisation will respond to your business requests quickly and respectfully.  LEO will protect your personal information, support your business aims to the utmost limits of its capacity, and make decisions and choices towards building a long-term business into the next generation and beyond.
Next steps
Enjoy your LEO products. Explore your LEO business platform. As a member your opportunity is to learn new skills and apply them in real life. We strongly recommend you to stay in touch with your sponsor, the person who introduced LEO to you. He/she should be in touch with you to help you understand our business basics and is your best source of information and help.  If you have a problem or question that your sponsor cannot solve, our Member Services staff will be ready to help and are accessible through your LEO back office, either through the online learning resources or by direct contact.
Skype ID: fayeomed 

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  1. Nice article for students and individuals. Learning process is continues process and one should always keep his head open to learn new things.